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Digital Art


Since 1 March 2023, the current programme of digital art on the LED screen in the Forum has been expanded with the works of three renowned digital artists. Kathrin Hunze’s, Ornella Fieres’ and Patricia Detmering’s works will be on display several times a day.

In her experimental composition re:capture (2021), Kathrin Hunze explores the coexistence of nature, humans and machines in virtual space. Algorithms combine sounds from the real world with artificially generated sound structures based on Beethoven's 6th Symphony. The interaction of photogrammetric objects creates audio-visual textures manipulated by algorithms that combine the existing with the artificially generated. Nature and machine are conquering a virtual world in which humans remain integrated but lack the capacity to act.

Ornella Fieres’ video work A black dog is looking at himself in the mirror (2021) shows how technology observes itself. Barely perceptible, slow-motion scenes are concealed behind apparent image descriptions. For the work, the artist presented sci-fi film sequences from the 1960s to the 1970s to a neural network that is trained to analyse images and has subtitled the short scenes. As Fieres blurred the footage beforehand, we can only assume that artificial intelligence failed to recognise the fake technology we once imagined as our future.

APORIA (2021) by Patricia Detmering presents a virtual world consisting of a live digital simulation as well as paintings and sculptural objects that transcend the virtual and real worlds. The work deals with sociological processes of closed and open societies. AIs populate the world of APORIA disguised as human avatars. Complex algorithms help them explore their environment and decide on individual actions.

Photo (c) Patricia Detmering

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